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Jim Leyland confirms he will serve as 'special assistant' to Dave Dombrowski

Jim Leyland may have tired of the managerial grind, but he is still going to be very involved with the Detroit Tigers' organization in 2014 as a special assistant to the GM.

Leon Halip

During an interview with Drew Lane of Detroit Sports 105.1, Jim Leyland went into detail as to what his role will be with the Detroit Tigers now that he is no longer managing.

Leyland retired after eight years in the Tigers' dugout due to "the fuel getting low." but the itch to remain in the game is still there. The Tigers will take advantage of Leyland's wisdom in other ways now that he's semi-retired. He will serve in numerous roles under the designation of 'special assistant' to President and General Manager Dave Dombrowski,

Leyland revealed his duties would include the following, via Brian Manzullo of the Free Press:

  • He will be at spring training games at the beginning of March to help evaluate the team.
  • He said he won’t be as "active" with the club during the season as he was as manager, but that at times he would be "in a booth somewhere watching the team" with Dombrowski.
  • He’ll look at the minor-league teams and possibly make trips around the Grapefruit League.
  • In case Dombrowski has a trade brewing, Leyland said he may be tasked to look at a player.

Leyland added a couple of money quotes:

"I’m going to do whatever he (Dombrowski) wants me to do."

"It won’t be the grind you go through as a manager, but I’m still going to be pretty active."

The full interview with Leyland can be heard at