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Dave Dombrowski fails to fix Tigers in first day of offseason

It's like he hasn't done anything yet.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the World Series only just ended, but Tigers fans are already restless. Tigers President and GM Dave Dombrowski has not made any significant changes to a roster that fizzled out in the ALDS against the Baltimore Orioles, calling into question what his motives truly are during this pivotal offseason.

"We have not had those conversations yet," Dombrowski said when asked about who the Tigers would target in free agency. With the offseason already 24 hours over, it seems appropriate to ask what Dombrowski has actually done. The bullpen is still a major question mark, and Rajai Davis is still slated to be the team's starting center fielder.

Dombrowski went further into detail when talking about the timing of his moves this offseason.

"We need to do that right after the season, right after the World Series because that’s the only time you can take them off. I would think that right after the World Series will be a very busy time for us in that regard."

Well, Dave, it's right after the World Series and we haven't seen any changes yet. The offseason is already 0.88 percent over. Time's ticking.

Frankly, this lack of activity is disturbing. It's almost like the team has done nothing at all. They did not even extend qualifying offers to free agents Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez, let alone make them competitive contract offers. The team also did not exercise contract options for Alex Avila or Joakim Soria, and did not make a single move to shore up the bullpen.

The players don't seem to have any sense of urgency either. Justin Verlander is probably still on vacation somewhere, and David Price is just playing video games. Even Miguel Cabrera is probably just sitting around somewhere. At least Ian Krol has an excuse.

With only 152 days to go until Spring Training, the Tigers have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time. Good thing Dave Dombrowski has an extra hour to work with on Sunday. He is going to need it.