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Media reaction mixed after Tigers lose Andy Dirks via waivers

The Tigers made the usual moves Friday afternoon but they also dropped a couple of surprises that some weren't expecting.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The day after the World Series ended, the Detroit Tigers were silent. Crickets chirped while everyone waited for the Tigers to make a move, particularly on Joakim Soria and Alex Avila's options, which needed to be picked up or declined rather quickly.

Friday afternoon the Tigers took care of more than a few things, announcing a flurry of activity and the necessary moves were made, including extending qualifying offers to Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez. Regarding Avila, the Tigers aren't required to make a decision yet as he's arbitration eligible if the Tigers decline his option, so they have until November 20 to finalize anything.

The biggest surprise of the day though, was the loss of left fielder, Andy Dirks, who was claimed off waivers by the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Tigers also purchased the contract of outfielder, Wynton Bernard, from Single-A West Michigan. The head-scratching move left some less than happy about the idea.

While it isn't clear why the Tigers added Bernard to the 40-man roster, most of the changes and moves were expected, and it could work out in the end. It's at least a consideration since the Tigers didn't have the best luck with their roster in 2014. Still, it's too early to tell.

To sum up the day, baseball is over until next season and the forbidden words have been uttered.