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SB Nation MLB Awards: Who is the team of the year?

You can't pick the Tigers. That's the only rule.

We can't vote for the Tigers, so here's Jim Leyland.
We can't vote for the Tigers, so here's Jim Leyland.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the SB Nation MLB awards, we are nominating and voting on the "team of the year" in Major League Baseball. However, there's a catch. Since we're the SB Nation community most likely to be biased towards the Detroit Tigers, we cannot vote for them. If you're doing the math at home, that means we have to choose one of the other 29 MLB teams. No pressure, right?

Below is the biggest poll in BYB history. Here is a short snippet on each team as to why you should (or should not) vote for them.

Baltimore Orioles: Won the AL East. Beat the Tigers in the playoffs. Manager uses the bullpen sensibly.

New York Yankees: /stands and claps for Derek Jeter

Toronto Blue Jays: With a player nicknamed "Joey Bats" you can pretend that they're the Canadian Mafia.

Tampa Bay Rays: Drew Smyly!

Boston Red Sox: Shaved those awful beards.

Kansas City Royals: Were actually kind of fun to watch in the playoffs. Were also fun to beat 13 times in 2014.


Chicago White Sox: Just about everything troll-worthy the Tigers did this season happened against them.

Minnesota Twins: Tried to spoil our division hopes yet again. Shoo, Twins.

Los Angeles Angels: Won the most games in baseball. Didn't break Rick Porcello this year.

Oakland Athletics: Made trades because of the Tigers. Bowed out of the playoffs early just like the Tigers.

Seattle Mariners: Lloyd McClendon! Austin Jackson!

Houston Astros: Didn't finish last. Might get rid of that stupid hill.

Texas Rangers: Took Prince Fielder off our hands. Pity points for literally everyone on their roster getting hurt.

Washington Nationals: Doug Fister! Led the National League in wins. Let Teddy win.

Teddy Roosevelt

Photo Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets: Finished in second place! You will probably google that because it's so unbelievable.

Atlanta Braves: Andrelton Simmons highlights make me excited for a full season of Jose Iglesias.

Miami Marlins: Owner is a scumbag, but the team is actually pretty fun to watch.


St. Louis Cardinals: Don't vote for them.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen might be the most likable player in baseball.

Milwaukee Brewers: THEY HAD A DOG!

Hank the Dog

Photo Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds: Employ both Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto. It's like Harold Reynolds vs. Brian Kenny in an MLB clubhouse.

Chicago Cubs: Still didn't win the World Series. Have all of the prospects.

Los Angeles Dodgers: You either love them or hate them. Vin Scully is a treasure.

San Francisco Giants: Won the World Series. No big deal.

San Diego Padres: Joaquin Benoit! That is all.

Colorado Rockies: You'd have to be high to choose this team.

Arizona Diamondbacks: They care about defense even less than we do!