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MLB trade rumors: Tigers may be shopping David Price for trade

A potential move could clear payroll to re-sign Max Scherzer to a long-term deal.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If everything goes to plan, David Price's tenure in Detroit may be shorter than we thought. BYB has learned through a source that the Tigers "may be shopping David Price" to other teams this offseason. A potential deal, in theory, would clear up room for the Tigers to sign Max Scherzer to a long-term contract.

A Scherzer deal seemed like a longshot at the beginning of the offseason considering he and the Tigers were unable to work out a contract extension last February. However, both our source and Tony Paul of the Detroit News have hinted that negotiations are ongoing.

What does all of this mean? Not much, at the moment. Dave Dombrowski said at Friday's press conference that the Tigers did not expect to be in the running for Scherzer. The Tigers were likely listening to any offers for Price anyway, and tossing his name around to other GMs could potentially land a return that shores up the roster for years to come. Dave Dombrowski has made similar deals in the past to clear payroll and reshuffle the roster.

But it's something. It tells us that the Tigers are not standing pat. Agent Scott Boras, who represents Scherzer and many other big-time clients, is under the impression that the Tigers are still in the mix.

"I’ve never heard anything from anyone to suggest they’re not," Boras said. "You have to remember that over the past 3-4 years, when you go back and look at the Detroit Tigers, as good as they are with all the offensive weaponry and pitching they have, when Max Scherzer pitches, they win 70% of their games. In all other games, the Tigers play at about 54%. So Max Scherzer has a huge impact on the success of the Detroit Tigers."

If the right deal comes along on either front, the Tigers won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Dombrowski has earned this reputation throughout his career, particularly when dealing fan favorites like Curtis Granderson, Doug Fister, and Austin Jackson. Just about no one is untouchable, and that includes their star left-hander.