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Introducing the SB Nation MLB awards!

The SB Nation MLB blogs will be holding their own award season for 2014, but we need your help for nominations!

Leon Halip

Every year, the Baseball Writers Association of America votes on awards for both leagues. And they stink at it (though we'll keep those last three MVPs, thank you very much).

So, late last night, the SB Nation MLB team decided to take matters in their own hands. This year, we will be participating in the SB Nation MLB awards, a collective effort to hand out honors to those who truly deserve it from the 2014 season.

However, these aren't your usual categories. We will be posting an open thread on the days listed below asking for Tigers-centric nominees for each award. Later this month, the SB Nation MLB writers -- you know, Grant Brisbee and those other guys -- will determine finalists and hold a vote to decide a winner.

Here's the schedule!

November 3: Funniest moment

November 5: Most regrettable moment

November 7: Defensive play of the year

November 10: Most important hit

November 12: Pitching appearance

November 14: Team of the year (we cannot nominate the Tigers)

November 17: Voting at for the winners

Start thinking of your 'funniest moment' nominations, the thread will be up shortly!