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What was the Tigers' best defensive play in 2014?

The image sort of gives it away, doesn't it?

As part of the SB Nation MLB awards, we are nominating and voting on the Tigers' best defensive play from 2014. The Tigers weren't a great defensive team by any stretch, but there were a few good plays among all of the errors and gaffes. There was also one play that stood above the rest, so today's poll will simply be champion vs. challenger.

The champion: Ezequiel Carrera's catch

carrera catch

I mean...

It was amazing. Jacoby Ellsbury -- who has god-like numbers against Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer -- scorched another Scherzer pitch to deep left center. It seemed like a sure double, but Carrera was able to run it down and lay out for the spectacular catch. And the play was somehow made even bigger by the situation; with the bases loaded and no outs in a 0-0 game, Carrera's catch saved two runs. The Tigers eventually lost 2-1, but Carrera's amazing play kept it from getting out of hand early.

The challenger: Alex Avila's net catch

Avila's acrobatic play did not have the same in-game impact that Carrera's catch did. The Tigers were already up 3-1 in a game that they would eventually win 7-2. There was no one on base, and Aviles didn't even hit the ball into fair territory. But it was pretty cool, though. Have you ever seen another catch jump into the netting to catch a foul ball like this? I haven't, and that's what makes this play special.

Other nominees

Joe Nathan's pick off of Jarrod Dyson was pretty cool.

What do you think? Is Carrera's catch the best defensive play of the year? Or is it Avila's Spider-Man catch? Or something else? Sound off in the comments.