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Detroit Tigers links: chasing Max Scherzer, standing pat

The Tigers want Max Scherzer; Bruce Rondon is part of the bullpen solution; Jose Iglesias should be good to go for 2015; catching up with Jim Leyland

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Happy Hump Day! (A day so-called, of course, to honor the Hunchback of Notre Dame, whose name - Quasimodo - is Latin for "Wednesday," which means "hump." Related: I may have already had too much coffee today.)

As the Winter Meetings move into their third day, there has still been little-to-no movement from the Tigers' camp, which has everyone in Tiger fandom asking the obvious question: how the heck is Jim Leyland these days?

Retired Jim Leyland at peace with new life

Your Leyland quote of the day: "I'm too hyper. I'm too hyper to sit at home."

Detroit Tigers to rely heavily on Joakim Soria, Bruce Rondon to improve shaky bullpen

Sorry to ruin your day with that news. Unless you think that Rondon is going to be part of improving the bullpen, in which case, you're welcome for the pick-me-up.

Elsewhere, in the "good news" department:

Jose Iglesias on track to be ready for spring training

Having Iglesias back on the diamond ought to significantly improve his chances of making the highlight reels in 2015. Excited? You bet I am.

Report: Detroit Tigers focused on re-signing Max Scherzer, prepared to spend 'big, big dollars'

Well, I suppose this explains why there haven't been any major Tigers signings or trades announced yet this week. Or ... does it? Meanwhile, elsewhere in the division ...

Central Division teams making moves, closing in fast on four-time division champion Detroit Tigers

Chris Iott: "No one will complain that the Central Division is weak in 2015. That's good news for the Central. It could be very, very bad news for the Tigers."

Cue the scary music.

(Extra credit: write a 500-word essay on which AL Central team will give the Tigers the most fits in 2015. Show your work.)

On to our last item of business this morning.

Well, of course he does. Who wouldn't want to play for the Divisional Juggernaut?

Until next time, kids.