Dave Dombrowski's Winter Meetings To Do List

Leon Halip/Getty Images

This time of year, the only thing better than thinking of all the cool crap you're going to get for Christmas, is thinking about all the cool crap your MLB team might be getting for Christmas.

But unlike adult Christmas, where the joy and wonderment of actual surprises is replaced with the utility of just telling your loved ones what you want, the Winter Meetings are just as mysterious and thrilling as the Christmas (or Hanukkah or, you know, that Thursday one time if you don't celebrate the holiday) from your childhood.

Unless you're a Tigers fan. Then it sucks. A lot.

Because some days it just feels like Dave Dombrowski wakes up in the morning, reads the interwebz (that's what the kidzare calling it, right?) and then decides he's going to do the very thing Tigers fans' id doesn't want him to do. Which this season is nothing. He's doing absolutely nothing. Or so we think.

Joking about Dombrowski trolling the fans is all fun and games until you see something like this: his actual to-do list from the Winter Meetings.

My to-do list:

1. Troll Tigers Fans

2. Troll Tigers Fans

3. Golf

4. Buy Polos

5. Troll Tigers Fans

6. Deny Scherzer deal

7. Haircut

8. Convince self OF is fine

9. Troll Tigers Fans

10. Make fun of Billy Beane

11. Call Don Kelly

12. Buy Milk


How has he not bought milk yet?

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