Why Scherzer will remain a Tiger

If Max doesn't have a nervous twitch right now he ought of, seeing Lester sign for more than he was offered is great but does he really expect a contract between 175 - 200 million. I mean look at the teams still left looking for starting pitching and who is willing to spend $$$ I can think of 2 or 3 that might still entertain the idea and one of those teams is still the Tigers.

Boras is going to jack this up like he did the Alex Rodriguez contract, remember that situation when Rodriquez wasn't even getting sniffs from other teams and he had to go to the Yankees front door with hat in hand asking them to bail him out of this embarrassment. The only team out there that would consider a $175 plus million type deal is the Yankees and they do need starting pitching and yes there the Yankees they could pull this off, only problem is they would be bidding against themselves. Didn't Boras find himself in this situation with Fielder and was bailed out by V-mart blowing up his knee. Fielder was weeks away from having to most likely sign a one year deal before the V-mart knee explosion.

In the next 4 - 6 weeks Scherzer is going realize he's looking like a horses ass and realize his 175 - 200 payday isn't coming. And with a offer or two maybe in the 160 million dollar range Detroit will start looking a lot better of a place to play, a phone call will be made to DD, DD will call Mr. I to see if he has any interest still in Scherzer he will Mr. I always takes care of his own and a contract will be thought out so Max won't lose as much face. 6 years 165 million " which I still wouldn't do" but DD and Mr. I will both know that this move once again puts us in the drivers seat for a W.S.

But don't turn your back on the Yankees selling the house for Scherzer either, it's his only chance he gets his mega deal

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