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BYB Comerica Park blueprint art giveaway contest voting is now underway!

Voting will be open for five days, and the winner will receive a Comerica Park blueprint courtesy of Ballpark Blueprints.

Two weeks ago, we partnered up with Ballpark Blueprints and announced a FanPost contest, with an awesome Comerica Park blueprint (pictured above) serving as the grand prize. The two week window to write FanPosts is now up, and voting will now begin. The poll at the bottom of this post will be open for five days, and will conclude at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 22nd.

However, there is a new wrinkle to this contest. Voting still proceeds as originally planned and the first place winner still gets their blueprint, but Don Kelly T-Shirts was kind enough to donate a pair of Martinez & Martinez t-shirts to the second and third place finishers.

Martinez & Martinez

As the proud owner of a Don Kelly T-Shirts product (full disclosure: they gave them to us), I can assure you that they make you look as muscular as Miguel Cabrera, as fast as Rajai Davis, and as handsome as Rick Porcello without breaking a sweat.

Here are the nominees, ranked in chronological order:

Detroit Tigers vs. WKRP in Cincinnati: A Comparison by frisbeepilot

Playing the Field by SlurryCat

The Detroit Tigers Will Never Be Over by heather.youngnichols

Confessions of a Baseball Fangirl by Max'sFangirl

I hate you Billy Beane, I hate you... by DDSpecialAssistant

Dave Dombrowski's Winter Meetings To-Do List by H. Jose Bosch

"There's no such thing as pitch framing..." by Kwisatz Haderach

FrogtownFan made you some Winter Meetings Tacos! by FrogTownFan

The Nonexistent Market for Max Scherzer by j_the_man

How I Found Peace With the Winter Meetings by Kwisatz Haderach

Why Scherzer will remain a Tiger by msivits

[Exclusive] An Interview with "Kid Rick" by Naqamel

The Mysterious Case of Justin Verlander by N*W

Letters to Santa (Motown edition) by MotorCityCat

Ask Not What Your Pitchers Can Do for You – Ask What You Can Do for Your Pitchers! by MichAndTrumbull

Be Fruitful, Mantiply by LowellDW


Remember, voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, December 22nd!