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Detroit Tigers links: No more Phil Coke?

Nick Castellanos is trying to improve his defense; Phil Coke probably isn't coming back; setting expectations for Joakim Soria

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Quick, everybody! To the links-mobile!

Yeah, I know, it's been kind of a slow news week for Tigers fans. But here are a handful of stories that were worth passing along ...

Tigers' Nick Castellanos focusing on being quicker at 3B

Dombrowski: "He normally catches what he gets to, but we're looking to increase his quickness over there ... I know I've been around third basemen who haven't (been) at the top of their game defensively and have become solid, and that's what we're hoping he becomes."

Let the debating commence.

Phil Coke 'most likely' done in Detroit; Joe Mantiply could be worth watching this spring

This is probably good news for about half of the fanbase, while the other half will be out on the lawn, spiking their gloves in frustration.

On the other hand, I've been saying for the past year that Mantiply was worth paying some attention. Fingers crossed.

What can the Tigers expect from Joakim Soria?

Not having to contend with Joba Chamberlain for a more regular role in the bullpen means we'll probably see a lot more Joakim Soria in 2015. Neil Weinberg breaks down the Steamer projections and explains what we can expect from this key piece of the bullpen puzzle.

In non-baseball-but-nevertheless-still-exciting news, I finished my Christmas shopping this week. Thank you, thank you. Your applause means everything.