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Crafting the perfect Bless You Boys podcast

The podcast is undergoing some changes; we want your input!

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If you caught last Saturday's podcast, you might have noticed a few minor changes to the usual format. For starters, the plan going forward is to do live shows as much as possible, to allow our listeners the opportunity to call in and talk with both the host and (when feasible) the guest of the day.

Doing a live show, of course, requires a schedule that is a bit more predictable than not, and so as often as possible, the plan is to broadcast on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. EST/EDT.

You might have also noticed that the show was a lot shorter than usual. This, too, is by design, and going forward you can typically count on the podcast running for about a half-hour, maybe as long as 45 minutes when necessary.

The other major shift will be towards a more guest-centric show. We were able to make some great in-roads in 2014, connecting with guests like Mario Impemba, Rod Allen, Dan Dickerson, Ben Chiswick, and a slew of beat writers and prominent bloggers whose insights brought a lot to the table.

Every one of those guests said they'd be willing to come back and do future shows with us, and I'm thrilled to say that Dan Dickerson has already agreed to come back on the show on January 17 -- so mark your calendars!

As we settle into a new format and a new routine, however, we also want to hear from our listeners: What do you like about the podcast? What do you not like about the podcast? How can we better make the show something you're inclined to put on your "do not miss" list?

Most importantly, if you're a regular podcast listener, how inclined are you to pick up the phone and engage with us during a live show? Knowing the level of interest here will help us plan for future episodes. Should we plan on having a once-a-month episode that is entirely dedicated to call-ins? Should we just shut off the phone lines permanently?

So now's your chance. Tell us what you think!