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State of the blog: What do you want to see from BYB in 2015?

We enjoyed our best year ever in 2014 all thanks to you!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 season wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the Detroit Tigers. After getting off to a 27-12 start, they struggled for large stretches of the year and did not clinch their fourth consecutive AL Central title -- a foregone conclusion to many before the season -- until the very last day of the season. With a streak of three consecutive trips to the ALCS on the line, they bowed out quickly in the 2014 ALDS at the hands of the Baltimore Orioles.

Here at BYB, we were a bit more fortunate. Once again, we enjoyed the biggest year in our site's history. We had more posts, page views, and site visits than ever before. To anyone that read our content, tweeted our site's link, shared an article, or engaged with us on social media: thank you. I can speak for our entire staff when I say that this is a labor of love, and we appreciate the intelligent discussion that our words generate on a daily basis.

Our site has seen an unusual amount of turnover over the past year, especially after the season ended. Fielder's Choice was named our Community Editor just after the season began, and we added Cameron Kaiser to the staff in October. The major changes will test us in 2015, though. Our fearless leaders, Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton, both decided to step back from their duties after the 2014 season ended, and I was named managing editor. A few other familiar names have also stepped into larger roles. You will likely see more of Catherine, Patrick, and HookSlide next year, along with everyone else that contributed to our success in 2014.

Going forward, our goals have not changed. We strive to provide the very best Detroit Tigers coverage on the internet. News, analysis, game coverage, history, you name it. If it's Tigers related, we want to be better than anyone else at it.

In order to achieve this goal, we need your help. No, we're not talking about page views or Facebook shares. Those are important, but they will come if we continue to provide great content. We need to know what you want to read! Did you like our daily game coverage? Should we do more in-depth analysis? Do we need to post more GIFs of Astro and Little Victor? Let us know! Whether you've been reading for years or this is the first BYB article you've ever clicked on, your opinion is valuable to us.

Next, we need to know what we can do better. One of our biggest challenges in 2014 was providing the right amount of content (yes, we are blessed to have a staff that can generate too many posts!). We have tried our best to avoid overwhelming our front page -- aside from the Yoenis Cespedes/Alfredo Simon trade day, probably -- but it's something we're still working on. But there are other things we can do better too! Let us know what you want to see improve in 2015.

Most of all, thank you for reading! Happy New Year, BYB!