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Announcing the BYB Comerica Park blueprint art giveaway contest

Want some free stuff? Ballpark Blueprints has hooked BYB up with a Comerica Park blueprint to give to one lucky reader.

We don't often get a chance to give away free stuff at Bless You Boys, so this is a rare treat! Thanks to Cameron (a.k.a. BYB's resident teenage transaction monkey), we got in touch with the people at Ballpark Blueprints, an awesome company that makes some pretty sweet looking ballpark artwork. They were kind enough to offer us a blueprint of Comerica Park to give to one of our readers.

However, there's a catch. Your entry fee to this contest is a FanPost published sometime between now and 11:59 p.m. on December 17th. The reason for the lengthy two week stretch is because we're looking for quality. After the deadline, we will hold a site-wide vote for the best FanPost, and the winner will be hooked up with a free Comerica Park blueprint in time for the holiday season.

The reason for our contest is two-fold: we want our winner to truly want and earn this gift. Someone who randomly clicks on the link and enters the contest won't appreciate it as much as someone who put the time in to write a FanPost. More importantly, it encourages you, the reader, to get involved and voice your opinion on the site. We appreciate all of the comments that everyone leaves, but FanPosts are a unique aspect of the SB Nation network, and one we hope to feature more prominently in the future.

Remember, this is not 'Nam. There are rules. First, plagarism of any kind will not be tolerated. If we find that you have lifted your work from somewhere else, you will be disqualified (and possibly banned from the site). Next, FanPosts need to be published before 11:59 p.m. on December 17th. Third, and possibly most obvious, the topic of your FanPost must be Tigers-related. Finally, we reserve the right to change the voting procedures (with due notice) at any time. If this contest gets out of hand, we may limit the voting to the BYB staff.

The good news: your work may be featured on the front page! We promote FanPosts to the cover of the site all the time, along with the requisite tweeting and Facebooking that is involved. If you have never written a FanPost before and need a quick tutorial (or just want a refresher on the finer points of our text editor), click here.

Before you get writing, please be sure to check out the Ballpark Blueprints website. They have not compensated the BYB staff in any way; we just think their stuff is really cool.