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Media reactions to Shane Greene trade mostly positive for Tigers

Though there were plenty of references to the Doug Fister trade.

Jeff Griffith-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly five years to the day that the Tigers completed a blockbuster three team deal with the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks, the teams repeated the feat. The Tigers acquired right-handed starter Shane Greene, sending left-hander Robbie Ray and infielder Domingo Leyba to the Diamondbacks. The Yankees received shortstop Didi Gregorius from Arizona in exchange for Greene.

Now that we have had a brief moment to piece together the parts of this deal, let's see what the interwebs are saying about the newest member of the Tigers.

As expected, the local media were largely complementary of the deal.

Then some firmer analysis really made this sound like a good deal for the Tigers.

Jeff Sullivan really seems to like Greene (his whole piece is worth a read), and his summary paints a rosy picture.

But just looking at what Greene actually did, he had a better-than-average ERA, a better-than-average FIP, and a better-than-average xFIP. He also threw better-than-average stuff, so it’s not hard to make the case he’s at least something like an average starter, with upside. An average starter with upside, and six years of team control? That’s a valuable asset.

James Schmehl of MLive even hinted at Greene's upside.

Greene gives the Tigers a quality No. 5 pitcher in their rotation and is considered a significant upgrade over the half-dozen candidates, including Ray, who were initially expected to compete for the fifth starter's job this spring.

Several major league scouts are even under the impression Greene can eventually evolve into a No. 3 starter, given his electric arsenal.

Some were not so complimentary of the deal, though.

(Ok, Matt's tweet was actually about how boring Greene's name is, but it made me laugh.)

And then the Doug Fister trade references started rolling in.

All in all, however, the reaction to this deal seems positive for the Tigers. Though some are more excited than others.

Offseason optimism at its finest.