Playing the Field

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The winter of our discontent is upon us, Tigers fans. Many of us await word of which of our favorite players might stay or go. We sit close to Twitter, wondering what rumors are true and which must be resolved (Porcello, we've only just begun!).

Some fans have significant others to share these rumors with, while others may or may not be looking for that special someone. And while our favorite players come and go, we're reminded of the strong relationships we form with these players and how they may reflect our own.

Sometimes you have a marriage that's so great at first. You show off your spouse to your friends. Everyone else is jealous. You feel like you're set for life.


But then you see the human side of them. And they're OK. Well, maybe they have a bad year. And you start to doubt everything. But really, relationships are a give and take. The other person might not always be perfect, but they're yours and you have to stick with them, even if they bring their beautiful, distracting friend to all your parties.

Then we have the marriages that make us smile. They fill us with joy and surprise. They'll sacrifice their own health to try to make you happy. And you realize how lucky you are with this great union.


Unfortunately, there are the ones where you think you're getting a great deal. You think they're a great match. But they're the worst. Just the worst. And you'll make up any excuse to get rid of them.


Sometimes you get comfortable with someone. They're fun to have around. Maybe sometimes they're not that great, and maybe they're quiet, but they still make you smile and they still surprise you. And one day they up and leave, right in the middle of everything.


And you're feeling these feelings you didn't have before. I had to give up this wonderful person for the possibility of something so big. Is the risk worth it?

But you soon get over it. The season moves on.

Maybe you distract yourself with someone who satisfies your needs. Someone you don't want to really build a long-term relationship with, but they help you to fulfill a certain role that creeps up now and then. Someone who's not afraid to steal some bases (amirite ladies?)...


Of course there's the one who you used to love. Who was really able to get the job done. And you figure, why not try him out again?


And it's a huge disappointment. And you keep going back hoping he'll recreate the magic. But he just can't seal the deal this time. And you have to let him go...

And then there's the one you just can't let go...


You try. He was everything you wanted and needed. You don't understand why he left. You look at what you have now and you try to rationalize it and be content with what you have. But you can't. And it doesn't help to see him being all successful with someone else - a younger team! And you keep thinking of what could have been. No matter what life brings you, you just can't shake this person from your psyche. They were gone too soon and there was nothing you could do about it.

And sometimes you're not even looking for anyone. But someone comes into your life and you might not even notice that they're there at first. But then maybe they make a grand gesture, like flowers, or a lot of home runs in Toledo, so you say sure, you'll go out with them. And it's so great at first and you think, there's no way it could stay like this. He's going to do something stupid, or fall into a slump.

But he doesn't. He gets better.


And you weren't expecting it and that's what makes it so wonderful. He's what you were looking for all along, and he's staying with you!

If only that would happen in the bullpen...

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