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Detroit Tigers links: the AL Central is getting more difficult

The Indians picked up Brandon Moss; the White Sox picked up Jeff Samardzija; strange things are afoot in the AL Central.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It's Day Two of the Winter Meetings (aka "The Jon Lester Sweepstakes"), and the hot stove is ... well ... hot. Here's a quick look at a few of the big headlines.

Tigers Injury Update: Miguel Cabrera no longer in walking boot

Well now, this is good news. But the jury is still out on whether Miggy will be healthy enough to make the start of the 2015 season. Won't it be fun to someday have a fully healthy Miguel Cabrera back on the team, from the start of the season to the end?

Detroit Tigers more likely to make small moves than big ones during winter meetings

Chris Iott says of the Winter Meetings, "The possibilities are seemingly endless. Reality is likely to be much less exciting." So far, that seems to be the case for the Tigers, but it's only the second day, right? On the other hand, making waves with big signings has been Dombrowski's M.O. for the past few years, and it hasn't netted him a World Series championship yet, so maybe he's decided to pull a George Costanza and just "do the opposite."

In Moss, Indians add another Tigers killer

The Indians picked up Brandon Moss from the Oakland A's, and Tony Paul thinks they were at least partly motivated by Moss's success against the Tigers. By the way, do you know why Brandon Moss has never been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone?

No, I'm not going to finish that joke. I have at least some decency.

White Sox acquire Jeff Samardzija from Athletics

Oh yeah, the A's also dumped Jeff Samardzija. With all the dismantling Billy Beane is doing this offseason, you do realize the A's are going to end up winning the World Series in 2015, right? Because the baseball gods love chaos.

But let's focus: the addition of Samardzija to a rotation that also features Chris Sale and Jose Quintana means that the White Sox have effectively said, "we're contenders - pay attention."

As Buster Onley put it:

Or, if you prefer the words of BYB's own Poet Emeritus: