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Detroit Tigers Links: Justin Verlander is making progress & who is the face of the Tigers?

Justin Verlander is making progress this offseason (in apparently his professional and personal life), Brad Ausmus isn't nervous about the upcoming season, and who is the face of the Detroit Tigers (Little Victor!!!)?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

ONE FREAKING DAY UNTIL PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT!!! This is so exciting, I'm including an old jersey and a new jersey.



Tigers links:

Will Justin Verlander push Max Scherzer to stay in Detroit?
The Detroit News, Tom Gage

Verlander wanted to stay with the Tigers and made sure it happened when it was time for it to happen. So will he turn recruiter this season to help make it happen for Scherzer as well?

Detroit Tigers' Brad Ausmus says he feels right at home: 'It makes me nervous that I'm not nervous', Chris Iott

Ausmus didn't go into detail about how spring training might be different under him than it was under Jim Leyland, but he did speak about how important the "little things" in baseball can be over the course of a long season.

Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander: Surgery was a 'blessing in disguise'
Detroit Free Press, George Sipple

'My goal now is the start of the season,' Verlander said. 'Whether that's Game 1, I don't know. But I intend on being ready.'

Verlander talks Leyland, Scherzer, contracts
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

The big story about Justin Verlander on Tuesday was his throwing status and his expectation that he'll be ready for the start of the season.

Who is the face of the Detroit Tigers?
Motor City Bengals, Josh Paulisin

Justin Verlander or Miguel Cabrera? Yes.

Key position switches for 2014
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

"Cabrera isn't a great first baseman, no matter what people try to tell you." Well you're no fun.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Ground Balls: A Hitter’s Best Friend?
The Hardball Times, Dan Farnsworth

Hitting the ball on the ground creates something of a dichotomy for hitters and coaches. Some demand it, trying to put pressure on the defense by forcing more fielders to handle the ball on each play.

Roy Oswalt retires
HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra

Roy Oswalt was one of the best when he was in his prime, but then his prime ended, as did his health and effectiveness.

Michael Young says 'I guarantee you I've had a gay teammate' and it's OK
Big League Stew, David Brown

Former major leaguer Michael Young says he's had gay teammates and, though he doesn't know who, added that it wouldn't have been a problem had they revealed their sexual identity.