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Feeling good, Justin Verlander's latest throwing session lasts 41 pitches

Justin Verlander's third throwing session of the spring has him forgetting his off season surgery and leaves him 'feeling good.'

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Verlander's recovery from off season surgery continued today with his third bullpen session of the week. During the Detroit Tigers' second full day of workouts, Verlander was on track to throw 40 pitches. He would ultimately throw 41, ending his time in the bullpen extremely encouraged.

Chris Iott of Mlive had Verlander's money quotes.

"It felt good. Really, it's kind of getting to the point where I don't even feel anything in my hips or my groin. Everything feels good. I'm starting to just completely forget about it and focusing on getting my arm ready."

Verlander's last throwing session was two days ago, tossing 31 pitches when he was set for 30.  So the Tigers' ace wasn't going to push his luck.

"One pitch is pretty docile for me. Usually I go over by six or seven, but that goes back to not wanting to push too hard."

Ever vigilant, manager Brad Ausmus watched the bullpen session closely. He had backup in catcher Alex Avila. Though Verlander was in charge of counting his pitches thrown, Ausmus kept Avila on high alert, as he also tracked Verlander's pitch count to keep the big right-hander from overextending himself. Ausmus was happy with the results

"Whatever the number is, he always seems to be one over. When it was 20, he threw 21. When it was 30, he threw 31."

When asked about the health of pitching staff, Asumus assured the assembled media that all is well.

"No sore elbows or shoulders to this point. I'm sure we will. Not so far. Verlander's name was the only name on the list today, for obvious reasons."