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Andy Dirks' new style

Brad Ausmus could not care less what Dirks' hair style is, as long as he can perform well.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Dirks let himself go during the off-season. At least that’s the story his hair tells.

The longer look doesn’t seem to be a problem for manager Brad Ausmus.  He’s more concerned with how well his players can operate on the field. "I don't care. If he plays well, he can grow it to his feet as far as I'm concerned."



While he has told reporters he’s planning on cutting it, mainly because it’s too hot, who knows how long it will be before that happens. If he begins doing well on the field, that may be enough for him to keep it, because everyone knows how superstitious players can be. Just ask Max Scherzer.

Last year’s low .256 average was partially the result of a knee injury that happened when Dirks collided with a wall during one of last year's spring training games. Andy Dirks told then-manager Jim Leyland his bruised knee wasn't a big issue, but Andy Dirks hid the nagging condition from the team throughout the season.

Andy is now coming into the 2014 season completely healthy and it's clear he's ready to get to work, arriving well ahead of many other Tigers position players.

As for Brad Ausmus, he said, "if guys play hard, they come here to do their job, I'm not gonna be concerned too much what they look like doing it, if they're doing it well." It's only weird if it doesn't work.