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Tell Kurt where to go

I will be in Lakeland for a week.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training is nearly a week old, and we're just a week away from the opening game of the Grapefruit League. The weather has briefly warmed in the north country before yet another winter storm rolls through. Singularly and in groups, the lucky ones head south to Florida to escape and to feel the warm sun on their skin while watching a little baseball.

This year I am one of the lucky ones. A week from today I will be standing on the ground in Florida, headed to spring training for the first time. As a credentialed member of the media, I'll be at workouts and games alike, asking the questions that interest me and reporting back what I learn. So, I thought it would be a good idea to ask two questions of our readers:

1) What stories interest you that haven't shown up elsewhere in the press? I will do my best to track them down and to do original reporting you're not getting elsewhere. Tied to no news cycle but the blog's, I can hopefully do some things a little different than the rest. No promises, but I'll see what I can do.

2) What the heck should I do when I'm not watching baseball in Lakeland? Fortunately there are several people I know in town at the same time, and we will hopefully find some things to do while we're there. But if you're a spring training veteran and have any suggestions for something I simply can't miss -- food or activity -- I want to hear it. For that matter, any other tips you have would be great!

And if you're a reader whose in town at the same time I am -- Feb. 26 through March 4 -- and just want to say hello, let me know! Again no promises, but it would be a treat to say hello.

No shoveling for a week! This should be fun!