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Brad Ausmus discusses opening series starters

Brad Ausmus gives first glimpse into pitching possibilities for the opening series.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus spoke with reporters about the pitching possibilities for the opening series against the Kansas City Royals. While a definitive decision has yet to be made on who will start, Ausmus all but narrowed it down to three.

Much of his decision will depend on whether Justin Verlander will be healthy enough to pitch by opening day. That is something he won't know until Verlander has been able to pitch a few spring training games.

Ausmus said that if Justin is healthy and no problems arise during spring training, it is very likely he will pitch in the opening series with Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez. As far as who will pitch for the opening game however, it's more likely that the job will go to Max Scherzer because of his record last year.

The newcomer to this debate is Anibal Sanchez, but it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. His performance last year earned the respect of many and has garnered serious conversation for a spot in the opening series rotation.

The Tigers will play their first six games at home, with a one-day break on April 1st unless the first game is postponed for any reason. Because of the number of home games, whoever does start on opening day will pitch twice during the opening series.

No matter the order, all three are solid possibilities for the opening series, barring any injuries [knock on wood]. Brad Ausmus said he still hasn't made his final decision as he is still discussing his options with the coaches, and wants to see how the beginning games go during spring training.