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Sacred numbers: Most 1984 Tiger numbers are worn by a current Tiger

A survey of the uniform numbers worn by the "Bless You Boys" heroes of 1984 shows that almost all of the uniform numbers worn by those players are now worn by a current Tiger.

Jamie Squire

With all the controversy surrounding the decisions by Jose Iglesias to wear Lou Whitaker's Number 1 jersey and Ian Kinsler to wear Alan Trammell's Number 3, I thought it might be worth a look at what other current Tigers are wearing numbers once worn by a member of the 1984 World Champion Detroit Tigers.

As it turns out, almost all of the 1984 Tiger uniform numbers are worn by a 2014 Tiger, and most current players on the Tiger roster have a number that was worn by one of the "Bless You Boys" gang of '84. There are a few numbers that have since been retired, and no player has worn Number 47 since Jack Morris, who last wore a Tiger uniform in 1990. Every other number worn by a member of the 1984 Tigers is either worn by a 2014 Tiger, or there is a logical explanation why it's not.

Here's a look at the same numbered Tigers, 30 years apart:

Number 1984 Player 2014 Player Notes
1 Lou Whitaker Jose Igleias
3 Alan Trammell Ian Kinsler
4 Mike Laga Steve Lombardozzi
8 Marty Castillo Wally Joyner*
9 Doug Baker Nick Castellanos
11 Sparky Anderson* ---- Retired for Sparky
12 Rod Allen Andy Dirks
13 Lance Parrish Alex Avila
14 Dave Bergman Austin Jackson
15 Rusty Kuntz ---- Will Brandon Inge's number be retired?
16 Tom Brookens ---- Retired for Newhouser in 1997
17 Bill Scherer Mick Billmeyer*
19 Dave Rozema Anibal Sanchez
20 Howard Johnson Rajai Davis
21 Willie Hernandez Rick Porcello
23 Kirk Gibson --- Retired for Willie Horton in 2000
24 Glenn Abbott Miguel Cabrera
25 Dwight Lowry Dave Clark*
26 Gates Brown Hernan Perez
27 Barbero Garbey Eugenio Suarez
28 Carl Willis -------- Prince Fielder was # 28
29 Aurelio Lopez Danny Worth**
30 Johnny Grubb Steven Moya
31 Larry Herndon Kyle Lobstein
32 Ruppert Jones Don Kelly
34 Chet Lemon Daniel Fields
37 Nelson Simmons Max Scherzer
38 Roger Craig Francisco Martinez
39 Milt Wilcox Luke Putkonen
40 Doug Bair Phil Coke
41 Darrell Evans Victor Martinez
42 Sid Monge ---- # 42 retired by MLB for Jackie Robinson
44 Juan Berenguer Joba Chamberlain
46 Dan Petry Ian Krol
47 Jack Morris Has not been worn since Morris
48 Roger Mason Torii Hunter
49 Randy O'Neal Luis Marte**
50 Billy Consolo* Bryan Holaday
51 Alex Grammas* Jeff Jones*
53 Dick Tracewski* Justin Miller

* Coaches

** Non roster invitees in 2014