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Jose Iglesias' shin issues return, Tigers' SS to miss about a week

The Tigers' shortstop will miss a week with a stress reaction.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias will miss about a week of action at spring training after shin issues cropped up again, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said Friday morning. The Tigers tabbed it a stress reaction, saying Iglesias experienced it in both shins, although the injury is described as being the same as what he experienced last season. The team will give him about a week of rest to get the inflammation down.

"We'll see how it goes," Ausmus said. "We decided to nip this in the bud."

Iglesias said the pain is worse in the right shin, describing it as a sensation of weakness with pain. "Running wise when I get my full speed it's not that bad," Iglesias said. "When I try to stop, when I put weight on it, it's really painful, really uncomfortable."

Tigers trainer Kevin Rand said the team is treating it with hot and cold contrasts. "Heat, some massage, icing down afterwards, trying to create some blood flow through there, trying to clean out the situation," he said. "It's something he's dealt with in the past -- it's a stress reaction of the shins, both biltateral, left and right, probably from the different surfaces. A guy works out all winter then he comes to the softer ground. We just want to nip it in the bud. We don't want it to become an issue."

Rand said Iglesias was bothered Wednesday and had additional tests Thursday. Ausmus spoke with Iglesias in the afternoon, saying Iglesias disappointed but in good spirits. "I could tell by his voice he was upset but he understands the big picture."

Iglesias confirmed that: "I feel in the season I'd be out there, but you've got to be smart about it. It's a long season. This team needs me healthy and I want to be healthy for them as well. It's early. There's no need to rush. I've got time and hopefully I'll feel 100 percent."

The question now turns to who can play short in Iglesias' place, especially if this is an injury that might crop up again in the future. Danny Worth, Steve Lombardozzi and Hernan Perez are all possibilities. Perez will be playing with the Tigers' split squad team that is headed for Clearwater today. He saw action at short after Iglesias left the game.

"(Perez) has looked really good. I've been impressed with him," Ausmus said, later adding, "He looks like a shortstop."

Worth played all nine innings on Thursday against the Braves, though he started at third in that game.