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Justin Verlander and Taco Bell are no longer an item

On Friday, the Tigers' ace admitted his down 2013 has forced a change in his pre-game rituals. Taco Bell has been pulled from the menu.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

During an interview with Conan O'Brien after his Cy Young and MVP season, Justin Verlander shocked the baseball world by revealing a major, gut-wrenching superstition. That being he ate Taco Bell before every start. On the menu would be three crunchy taco surpremes (no tomato), a cheesy gordita crunch and a Mexican pizza (no tomato).

As they say, things change.

After a disappointing season (by Verlander's extremely high standards, anyway) in 2013, Kate Upton's boyfriend hinted at a major change in his pre-game ritual.

“Last year was a year to change any superstitions that I wanted to change. I’ll just leave that up to interpretation.”

My interpretation being Verlander's digestive tract is now thanking him as he no longer fouls his body with mass quantities of Taco Bell every five days. But Verlander also feels bad for no longer adding to Taco Bell's bottom line. He wouldn't go as far to actually confirm he bailed on his former go-to fast food.

“I don’t want to hurt their feelings."

But never say never. Verlander admitted he just might try the Bell's Waffle Taco for breakfast down the line.

But a question remains. What fast food does Justin Verlander eat before games in 2014? Leave your suggestions in the comments.