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10 Days until pitchers and catchers report

The NFL season is now in our mirror. Up next: BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL



Detroit Tigers pitchers and catchers report Feb. 13, and the first workout is scheduled for Feb. 14. We've been counting down with famous Tigers on Facebook and Twitter for a few days, so why not bring it to BYB itself, right?

Here are all the players who wore No. 10 with the Tigers:

Fernando Vina (2004)
Bip Roberts (1998)
Brian Johnson (1997)
Marcus Jensen (1997)
Scott Fletcher (1995)
Phil Stidham (1994)
Shawn Hare (1992)
Andy Allanson (1991)
Mark Salas (1990)
Keith Moreland (1989)
Rob Richie (1989)
Chris Bando (1988)
Dave Engle (1986)
Julio Gonzalez (1983)
Al Cowens (1980-1981)
Rusty Staub (1976-1979)
Gene Lamont (1974-1975)
Tony Taylor (1971-1973)
Gus Triandos (1963)
Dick Brown (1961-1962)
Hank Foiles (1960)
Red Wilson (1954-1960)
Matt Batts (1952-1954)
Billy Pierce (1948)
Tommy Bridges (1933-1946)
Red Borom (1945)

(via Baseball-Reference)

*And, of course, Jim Leyland!

No. 19 on our countdown of top Tigers in franchise history, Tommy Bridges, did wear it on his back for 13 seasons. So that's worth something.