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Detroit Tigers Links: Austin Jackson is busy twerk ... err ... tweaking this offseason

Austin Jackson has spent his winter tweaking (though twerking sounds way more fun), what we can expect from Alex Avila this season, and Tracy McGrady thinks he can make the transition from the court to the field. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

I'll be honest, I wanted to use Damion Easley here but I couldn't find a sufficient jersey picture. So ... Carlson Guillen will suffice. I suppose. In fact, he wants you to know there are nine days left until pitchers and catchers report. I'm so happy I could fight Jered Weaver.


Tigers links:

Alex Avila Needs to be Better for Detroit Tigers in 2014
Motor City Bengals, Tom Zahari

Well, yeah. I suppose. But truly, I'm more concerned about Avila's health than I am about his bat. I want him to stay in one piece and be an effective catcher. What he does at the plate is less important to me than how he handles the pitching staff. And he does a damn good job at it.

With Tigers, is it Verlander-Scherzer ... or Scherzer-Verlander?
The Detroit News, Tom Gage


After a winter of tweaking, Detroit Tigers' Austin Jackson ready to hit wherever in batting lineup
Detroit Free Press, Shawn Windsor

I, too, read this as, "after a winter of 'twerking.'" Which, if you ask me, is maybe what Jackson needs to loosen up a bit.

Scherzer’s market value: 7 years, $196 million?
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

Max is going to have to repeat last year's performance before I believe he's worth that much money.

This Tigers team sealed serious cracks that left last season's playoff run in crumbles
The Detroit News, Lynn Henning

Yes, yes, yes! Henning used "hefty" and "Prince Fielder" in the same sentence. And he's not even on the team anymore. This is great. We're off to a splendid start this season.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Scouting Tracy McGrady from a 2003 Promotional Video
NotGraphs Baseball, Carson Cistulli

What is it about retired basketball players and their assumption that baseball is an easy and apparently logical transition?

The Rangers signed Armando Galarraga
HardballTalk, Craig Calcatera

In the latest, "Where are they now," we present to you Armando Galarraga.

Where home runs look the best, #1-3
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee

If you'd prefer not to relive last October, then I'd suggest you not click on this link. You've been warned.

Jose Reyes is so ready for baseball season that he’s playing catch in the snow
Big League Stew, Mike Oz

I know the feeling, Jose. Wait, no, no I don't. It was 82 in Florida yesterday.

Ranking the teams: 30 through 25
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

As you can see, the AL Central is already off to a great start.