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Tigers getting off to a shaky start this week

It's St. Patrick's Day but don't tell the Detroit Tigers. They are having anything but good luck.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers are not getting off to a good start this week. Jose Iglesias told reporters that he has shin fractures pending official confirmation with Dr. Thomas Clayton in Colorado. But while acknowledging he will miss playing time this year he believes he will play this season. How much he plays has yet to be determined while treatment is sought.

To add insult to injury the Tigers have now withdrawn left fielder Rajai Davis and starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez from the rotation for Monday's game. Rajai Davis was experiencing a soreness in his right hamstring for a few days and while he said he could play, the Tigers don't want to take that chance.

Meanwhile Sanchez was taken off the starting roster Monday with "right posterior shoulder inflammation" and is expected to make his next start, according to the Tigers. However it's the same issue that's plagued him off and on for the previous six years per MLB's Jason Beck and you never know how shoulders are going to behave.

The Tigers may need to go find a large tree to knock on for some luck because the current trend has Tigers players dropping like flies. With Andy Dirks already out of commission until early June the Tigers were already short on a thin outfield and with Iglesias scratched out for the foreseeable future the team will need replacements.

However they're already suffering from a lack of depth and even if it turns out to be nothing more than a day of rest for Davis and Sanchez it doesn't put anyone's minds at ease for the upcoming season.

The one bright light in all of this is Justin Verlander will be making his 7th Opening Day start for the Detroit Tigers. However kitty-corner to that is the concern that this bodes ill for re-signing Max Scherzer. Most Cy Young winners are the Opening Day starter for the following season and while Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said that Scherzer is OK with the decision, the outlook isn't looking all that bright in terms of re-signing him.