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Tigers continue search for a shortstop, remain mum on status of Jose Iglesias

There's been no change in Jose Iglesias' injury status, and the Tigers aren't talking. But rumors have the team actively exploring trades.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The status of Jose Iglesias remains unchanged. Is no news, good news? It's impossible to say, as the Detroit Tigers are being extremely tight-lipped about the entire situation.

All we know is what Iglesias said on Monday, that doctors believe he has stress fractures in both legs. On Tuesday Iglesias was to visit a foot and ankle specialist in Colorado, Thomas Clanton of the Steadman Clinic, in order to receive a second opinion on his lingering shin issues. The Tigers have yet to make an official statement on the health of their injured 24-year-old shortstop, save for manager Brad Ausmus admitting Iglesias would start the season on the disabled list. Anything else would be, in the words of the Tigers organization, "pure speculation."

If the team's brass know how long their shortstop will be out of the lineup, they aren't saying.

When it comes to finding a possible replacement, General Manager Dave Dombrowski has insisted he is fine with the Tigers' internal options at shortstop; utility man Steve Lombardozzi and minor leaguers Danny Worth, Hernan Perez and Eugenio Suarez. But knowing how Dombrowski works, I wouldn't expect him to say otherwise. As always, Dombrowski's actions speak louder than his words, and MLB scuttlebutt has the Tigers making calls around baseball inquiring on the availability of shortstops.

When asked by BYB's own Phil Coke's Brain, Stark admits the pickings at shortstop are unsurprisingly slim.

Names such as Chris Owings, Nick Franklin, Didi Gregorius, Cliff Pennington, Pete Kozma and Elliot Johnson have all been linked to the Tigers in one fashion or another, but Domborwski dose not appear to be on the verge of a deal. Either the Tigers don't have the ammunition to make a trade (such as for Ownings, expected to be a Rookie of the Year candidate) or the available player would not be a big upgrade over their internal options.

As for Stephen Drew, the one readily available shortstop on the open market, there's been no movement on his front. The Tigers have yet to show any interest. On the field, Drew would be an excellent fit. But actually acquiring him is a different matter, opening a can of worms it appears the Tigers would rather not get into.

Being the 31-year-old Drew has already turned down a $14 million, one-year qualifying offer from the Boston Red Sox, and looking for a multi-year contract, the Tigers are unlikely to pay agent Scott Boras his asking price or give up their first round draft pick as compensation. There's also the fact of what do you do with Drew once Iglesias returns? A can of worms, indeed.

So where do the Tigers currently stand when it comes to Iglesias? In the same place they were a couple of weeks ago. But with Opening Day less than two weeks away, the Tigers are running out of time to make a decision.