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Detroit Tigers predictions: 2014

How's the season going to go? Let's ask the Bless You Boys staff!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers

Who Record Rank MVP Rookie Breakout
Kurt 91-71 1 Miguel Cabrera Nick Castellanos Austin Jackson
Al 90-72 1 Cabrera Castellanos Rick Porcello
Melissa 91-71 1 Cabrera Castellanos Jackson
Rob 93-69 1 Cabrera Castellanos Alex Avila
Patrick 89-73 1 Cabrera Castellanos Porcello (of course!)
Jon 88-74 1 Justin Verlander Castellanos Avila
Numbers 91-71 1 Cabrera Castellanos Drew Smyly
Catherine 95-67 1 Cabrera Castellanos Avila
Eno 92-70 1 Cabrera Castellanos Porcello
Allison 92-70 1 Cabrera Castellanos Smyly
John 90-72 1 Cabrera Castellanos Evan Reed
PCB 91-math 1 Cabrera Castellanos Castellanos
Hookslide A lot-Much less Sgt. Major Jose Miguel "Joe" Torres "Big Mike" Cabrera IV, Jr., Esq., Ph.D Castellanos. Obviously. Jackson

The AL

Who East Central West WC1 WC2 MVP Cy Rookie Pennant
Kurt Rays Tigers Rangers Red Sox A's Mike Trout Verlander Xander Bogaerts Tigers
Al Rays Tigers Rangers Red Sox Royals Trout Verlander Jose Abreu Tigers
Melissa Rays Tigers Rangers Red Sox A's Trout Verlander Bogaerts Tigers
Rob Red Sox Tigers A's Yankees Rangers Trout Verlander Bogaerts A's
Patrick Rays Tigers A's Rangers Royals Cabrera Verlander Castellanos Tigers
Jon Rays Tigers A's Red Sox Angels Trout Verlander Yordano "the body?" Ventura Rays
Numbers Rays Tigers Rangers Mariners Red Sox Robinson Cano Felix Hernandez Taijuan Walker Tigers
Catherine Orioles Tigers A's Royals Red Sox Cabrera Verlander Bogaerts Tigers
Eno Red Sox Tigers A's Rangers Orioles Cabrera Verlander Bogaerts Tigers
Allison Red Sox Tigers A's Rays Orioles Cabrera David Price Bogaerts Tigers
John Rays Tigers Angels Red Sox Rangres Trout Verlander Kevin Gausman Rays
PCB Rays Tigers A's Red Sox Rangers Trout Price Walker Rays
Hook Red Sox Tigers Rangers Royals A's Trout Sanchez Castellanos Rangers

The NL

Who East Central West WC1 WC2 MVP Cy Rookie Pennant
Kurt Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates Rockies Bryce Harper Jose Fernandez Gregory Polanco Nationals
Al Nationals Pirates Dodgers Cardinals Braves Yadier Molina Fernandez Billy Hamilton Nationals
Melissa Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates Rockies Harper Fernandez Polanco Nationals
Rob Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Reds Rockies Harper Clayton Kershaw Jake Marisnick Cardinals
Patrick Braves Reds Dodgers Cardinals Giants Andrew McCutchen Kershaw Oscar Taveras Dodgers
Jon Nationals Cardinals D-backs Dodgers Pirates Harper Stephen Strasburg Polanco Nationals
Numbers Nationals Reds Dodgers Cardinals Braves Yasiel Puig Kershaw ??? Nationals
Catherine Nationals Pirates Rockies D-backs Braves McCutchen Straburg Polanco Pirates
John Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Pirates Padres McCutchen Fernandez Maikel Franco Nationals
Allison Nationals Cardinals Dodgers Braves Reds McCutchen Adam Wainwright Hamilton Dodgers
Eno Braves Cardinals Dodgers Nationals Phillies Puig Kershaw Franco Braves
PCB Barves Cardinals Dodgers Natinals Reds Puig Kershaw ¯\(°_o)/¯ Cardinals
Hook Nationals Pirates Dodgers Cardinals Braves Puig Wainwright That one new kid who's pretty good, oh gosh, what's his name .... ? Dodgers

World Series

Who Winner
Kurt Nationals
Al Tigers
Melissa Nationals
Rob Cardinals
Patrick Dodgers
Jon Nationals
Numbers Tigers
Catherine Tigers
John Nationals
Allison Dodgers
Eno Braves
PCB Cardinals
Hook Dodgers