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ESPN published story out of context, Kinsler says

Ian Kinsler would like to set the record straight.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT--When Ian Kinsler left Detroit off his no-trade clause, their potential to be World Series contenders was one of the key reasons why. So when he was traded to the Detroit Tigers, he wasn't exactly broken up about it.

But what he is disappointed about is the article ESPN put out Tuesday morning that essentially makes Kinsler appear as if he hated his prior team and wished 'hell on earth' in the baseball world to rain down on them.

If you read the story and nothing else, it sounds like he is bitter towards his former Texas Rangers team. Kinsler says that is not entirely the case though. Soon after the story was released Ian defended the context of his words, telling reporters, "the story was written for drama and taken a little out of context, but it is what it is."

When he said he wished that the Rangers would go 0-162, he quickly clarified. "I've told my ex-teammates that to their face. It's a matter of telling a joke to be honest with you."

There are always jokes that go along with saying adios in the spirit of competition and fun. Keep in mind that former Tiger Johnny Peralta just smoked two home runs off the Tigers on Monday.

The story of the day was not how well the Tigers whipped the Cardinals or even the first home run of spring training that Nick Castellanos clobbered, but that Peralta nailed two over the wall, and you don't see his former teammates broke up about it.

But for Ian Kinsler, this is more about damage control. It may also be a case of ‘buyer's remorse,' the result of realizing he should have chosen his words more carefully. His words might have been taken out of context however the situation rendered more attention than he'd like at this point.

And for a ballplayer that enjoys the game so much, the bright lights of attention that often accompanies his occupation doesn't make the list. Kinsler, by his own admission would prefer to come to work, play the game he loves, and not have anyone focus on him as much as other players.

When you're a multi-million ballplayer that may not be entirely possible, but coming to Detroit where Miguel Cabrera is the best thing in all of baseball since sliced bread and several Cy Young players steal the spotlight nearly every day, he'll have an easier go of it.

What he wants is be the 30 stolen bases, 30 home run player he was a couple of years ago and he's determined to do that with his new team. Bad feelings or not, Ian Kinsler's goal is to learn as much as possible from a talent-riddled team, and help bring home the one thing that's evaded Detroit for over 20 years, a World Series.