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Help Joba Chamberlain choose his Opening Day facial hair

On Opening Day, do you want to see Joba Chamberlain in a mustache? Maybe a goatee? How about a full beard? Or should he be clean shaven? You can help make the call!


During a lengthy "Intentional Talk" interview with MLB Network's Chris Rose and Kevin Millar, Tigers' setup man Joba Chamberlain covered several topics, including transforming his Tommy John surgery scar into a smiley face tattoo, Justin Verlander's lack of skills on the dance floor, the now infamous Kate Upton-Bryan Holoday swim suit tweet and Torii Hunter kissing a gator.

When it came to the topic of his facial hair, Chamberlain announced he is going to let the fans decide what will adorn his chin on Opening Day.

Though I personally wear a goatee, I'm partial to Chamberlain's porn 'stache look.


The full interview is embedded below and definitely worth a watch.