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Today we have a "special treat," a guest post from the one and only MLiveCommenter. Let's check out his not so unique take on the Tigers.

Jonathan Daniel

*Note: The following hot sports take was sent in by @MliveCommenter. This is in no way a reflection of the staff at BlessYouBoys; the fine, hardworking writers at MLive, or anyone else with a brain. We were going to edit it, but that seemed like too much work. -- Editors

The Tigers are probably gonna suck more then last year. That's probably a suprise to you sinse they got rid of that senile old dope Jim Leyland, but it's true. The only thing more worse then a cigarette puffing, stinky socks wearing, interview -food-chewer is an eliteist pretty boys. All those Harvard guys are the same. I cheered so hard when Good Will Hunting stole away their girl and slapped her number on the window with a big HOW DO YOU LIKE DEM APPLES!!. HHAHA. Stick it to 'em Good Will!

We will see if Ausmas has any grit but I doubt it. He'll just go pussyfooting around and not getting in anyone's face to fire them up. Baseball can't be played without a sence of urgency. And this Ausmas guy doesn't have any. HAVE YOU SAW THE LINEUPS HE'S RUN OUT THERE THIS SPRING! IT'S ALMOST LIKE HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT WINNING!! We've won like three spring training games and that is it. No lineup protection for his big hitters. He's playing guys I've never heard of like Sauerz or whatever his name is. What a joke. YOU CAN'T INSPIRE YOUR GUYS TOO WIN LIKE THAT!

That brings me to they guys we do have. NO POWER!! WHERE ARE THE DINGERS GOING TO COME FROM?! I get wanting to get the fat slobs off the basepaths but Raji Davis isn't going to bat many RBIs in. Fielder isn't clutch at all and couldn't hit in the playoffs so it was smart to get rid of him BUT WHY NOT GET SOME MORE FREE AGENTS! ILLITCH has SO MUCH MONEY AND WANTS TO WIN NOW BEFORE HE'S DEAD. Why not get Sin Shoe Choo and Tanocka guy from Japan?! ARE YOU EVEN TRYING DUMBROWSKI!?!

DUMBROWSKI really blew it with that Fister deal huh? WHAT A DOPE! Why not get somebody good for Fister like Trout or Harper or something? Sure you'd probably have to give up a couple more good prospects with Fister to get a guy like that, but we are in WIN NOW MODE.

That brings me to my next really good point. WE NEED TO WIN A WORLD SERIES!! Sure getting in the playoffs is something you gotta do to win a world series i guess, but if you don't win the world series you mind as well finish LAST!!! It's been over 15 years since we've won our last world series and Detroit deserves to have a world series. I go to 2 or 3 games a year and plunk down $20-$30 for good tickets. I'M PAYING YOUR SALARY! I deserve a winner.

To conclude the Tigers recipie for sucess this year is:

  • Play your best players!
  • Play hard! No lollygagging.
  • Be more clutch
  • Have alot of mental toughness
If the Tigers do those things they could be pretty good this year. But I doubt it, they will probably suck.