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Comerica Park's New Amsterdam 416 Bar

Great views, a great bar and plenty of open space.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you are looking for a bird's eye view of the next Detroit Tigers ballgame without having the stress of climbing over people or straining your eyes in order to see past that one fan who is intent on hogging all the space, then the New Amsterdam 416 Bar at Comerica Park is just for you.

During the offseason the Detroit Tigers put in a new addition out beyond the right field area below the Pepsi sign that used to take up a whole lot of nothing. Finally, that space has been put to good use. If you plan on going to more than one game this year-and if you don't, shame on you-you really need to get seats at the New Amsterdam 416 Bar.

I took some time before game two against the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday to wander to the new patio that Comerica Park built in the offseason. I wanted to know if it was worth all the hubbub. Seats are available as 'Right Field Balcony' seats when looking up tickets and rest assured, it's worth the price. The seats start at $40 and go up from there depending on competitive pricing.

Depending on your priorities, the order might change and when you visit the bar you might have a longer list, but these are the three things in no particular order that I immediately noticed which make a home run case (pardon the intentional pun) for getting seats at the New Amsterdam 416 Bar.

Photos of the New Amsterdam 416 Bar.

The View

The first thing I noticed upon stepping onto the vast and open patio was the amazing view of the ballpark that the New Amsterdam 416 Bar offers. One of the things I have disliked for a long time about seats around the same price have been that people get in my way and I ultimately have to climb over too many fans to get a new supply of food or drinks.

I have sat in just about every part of Comerica Park including the bleacher seats which I have a certain disdain for, but the seats available at the bar are amazing. The seats are positioned in such a way that they are low enough to feel like club level seats and high enough to see the entire field and the entire park in all its glory without obstruction. The way in which this section was constructed was done so to perfection.

The Bar

Ah the good ole watering hole. Usually a bar at a ballpark is just a bar. But when you have a bar in the open in plain view of the best baseball team there is, combined with plenty of over-sized TV screens and a heating-element-turned-table alternating in bright blue and red coals that you can drink around? Perfect. Bright colors, drinks, and baseball in the wide open spaces doesn't get much better than that.

In addition there is an indoor bar behind the 416 Bar in the event that it starts raining and fans need somewhere to vacate to without missing out on the game. Granted, if the game is in rain delay you are going to want somewhere to hang out period, so it makes sense to just step inside and continue to eat and drink without sacrificing your sanity.

The Space

Which brings us to the space. The space is the complete opposite of what every ballpark usually offers. Actual space to move around and stretch your feet without sacrificing the view. Sitting through nine innings can be tiring, particularly if a pitcher's duel is taking place and neither side wants to give in. Even worse, everyone gets hit happy and you never know when the game is going to end because it's midnight and you decided to stay for the 14th inning.

But the Tigers decided to combine space with comfort. They put actual uber comfy-cushy couches under strung-up light bulbs that take you back to the 1950s and make you want to dance. Unless you've been drinking, then you may want to keep yourself firmly planted to the seat, or a table. But they put those tables right at the edge of the overhang railing so you can eat, drink and watch the game while stretching and having, you guessed it, space.

Bonus: The Weather

Ok so no one likes sitting through a game in the rain, or snow, heaven forbid. But the thing I like about the 416 Bar is the comfort of the indoors is right behind you. You don't have to make a mile-long trek to find the shelter of the overhang, you just walk inside. Oh I almost forgot to mention, there is another bar inside with drinks, food and goodies.

One more thing, the 416 is the distance from home plate to the bar which means you are more likely than not to catch a home run ball at some point. So, in summation, do yourself a favor and pay the $40 at least once this year to experience the Tigers in a new way. A combination of good views, drinks, plenty of space, the open air and catching a home run ball are all the reasons you should need to try out the New Amsterdam 416 Bar.