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Notes from around MLB, April 10

The Royals finally have a home run, Joe Nathan has a "dead arm," and Jim Johnson is blowing saves at a 66 percent clip.

Won't it be awesome when we get into mid-May and some of these MLB game reports actually mean something?

(Numbers next to team names are taken from Fangraphs and represent the team's percent chance of winning the World Series)

Kansas City Royals (1%)

Hey, they finally got their first home run of the season! NOW CAN WE GET BACK TO STATS THAT MATTER PLEASE?!

Colorado Rockies (1%)

Tied 4-4 against the White Sox in the eighth, the Rockies scored six runs to win 10-4. Three of the four RBI hits were singles, and none were home runs, because the Rockies want you to know they don't even need the help of an altered atmosphere.

Boston Red Sox (9%)

Going into the eighth inning and losing 2-1 to the Rangers, David Ortiz hit a game-winning three-run homer. Texas challenged, but the umpires upheld the call: Big Papi should always be intentionally walked in the eighth.

Toronto Blue Jays (2%)

Tampa Bay Rays (7%)

New York Yankees (2%)

Going into Wednesday's games, all three teams are tied for first place, only half a game ahead of Boston, and only one game ahead of Baltimore. We can only hope and pray that this chaos continues into October, because we're long overdue for a postseason absolutely littered with sudden death games.

Chicago White Sox (0%)

It took them three relief pitchers (Downs, Belisario, and Petricka) to blow the game against Colorado in the eighth inning, but by God, they got it done.

Detroit Tigers (12%)

Joe Nathan said in an interview that he's pitching with a "dead arm," which is kind of a cool sensation, because it feels like a stranger is doing it.

Oakland Athletics (7%)

Jim Johnson blew his second save out of three save opportunities this year. At that rate, he's on pace to be in the Tigers bullpen by June.