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MLB News: An unexpected rematch

Verlander got a hit, Bumgarner got a grand slam, and Valverde is still Valverde.

The Astros and Marlins are in last place, so that's normal, but what are the Red Sox and Royals also doing there? Hurry up and get normal, baseball!

(Numbers next to team names are taken from Fangraphs and represent the team's percent chance of winning the World Series)

New York Yankees (3%)

It took Francisco Cervelli injuring himself, but the Yankees managed to get Carlos Beltran playing first base for the first time in his career. Kinda makes you wonder if maybe even the Yankees are bored with the Jeter storyline at this point.

Detroit Tigers (12%)

Justin Verlander got his first career hit, snapping what was an 0-for-26 hitless streak. Too bad he didn't include that accomplishment in any of his vesting options.

New York Mets (0%)

Jose Valverde blew a three-run lead with two outs in the bottom of the ninth by giving up a home run to Raul Ibanez. No, I mean on Saturday. Yes, I know it's not 2012.

San Diego Padres (1%)

In keeping with their usual practice, the Padres wore their camouflage uniforms at their home game on Sunday, to honor the memory of those missionary priests who evangelized the West with tanks and guns.

Boston Red Sox (7%)

Manager John Farrell got ejected for arguing a call after it had been reviewed on replay. To be more accurate, he got ejected for suggesting that umpire Bob Davidson soften fudge in the Alps.

Milwaukee Brewers (1%)

With a record of 10-2, they have the highest win percentage in MLB at .833, so I'm not sure if it's so much that Ryan Braun quit taking PED's as it is that the rest of the team is now taking them too.

Texas Rangers (6%)

Pinch-hitter Michael Choice got his first career home run on a ninth-inning, game-tying shot against the Astros on Saturday. Do you realize what this means? The Rangers have players with the last names Fielder and Choice!

San Francisco Giants (4%)

Losing to the Rockies 3-1 in the fourth inning, starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner hit a grand slam. Basically, until an American League DH gets out there and throws a no-hitter, the National League is winning that argument.