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BYB introduces Fielder's Choice!

As our new community editor

Leon Halip

We're just about wrapped up with our spring expansions around here, but I wanted to (re)introduce you to one of your own: Fielder's Choice. He's going to serve as our community editor, a title I just made up when I began writing this post. FC's job duties will include reading your FanPosts, picking and editing the best ones, then promoting them around the site. He'll also be making open threads and highlighting the best of our community. He's going to be a great source to ask questions of, too.

Many already know him or might have read the "introduce yourself" thread, but I asked him to say a few words about himself.

I'm a 25-year-old Michigan native who hopped on the Tigers bandwagon in 2006 and never looked back. It's not that I was a fairweather fan before, it's just that the timing of the Tigers return to relevance coincided with my maturity level and attention span finally reaching an appropriate level for baseball. My formal education is in engineering, and my math-and-science brain has led to some dabbling in the dark arts of sabermetrics but I always operate with the assumption that every stat is flawed, and every stat has a use. I'm probably known as the snarky commenter who came up with that silly bit about Dave Dombrowski's text messages, and that's fine, but I do think of myself as a student of the game as well.

I enjoy candlelit dinners, long walks down a moonlit Woodward Avenue, and curling up next to a fire to peruse another perfect parable by TomduhB. My likes include pitcher's duels, craft beers, and Miguel Cabrera. My dislikes includes sacrifice bunts, Yankees fans, and people's knees.

To be given the opportunity to develop one of the internet's best communities - one that I've been a member of for a couple years now - is incredible, and it sure sounds like a really easy job to me. I'm looking forward to contributing to this site on a more formal basis.

Welcome, FC!