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MLB News: A walk-off WHAT?!

A bunch of teams postponed because of crap weather, there was a battle of Sox, and guess what Prince Fielder did?

I think Old Man Winter is finally dead. Let's try to get back to uninterrupted baseball this week, ok?

(Numbers next to team names are taken from Fangraphs and represent the team's percent chance of winning the World Series)

Detroit Tigers (13%)

Snowed out on April 15. Apparently even Mother Nature thinks Drew Smyly should be in the bullpen.

Cleveland Indians (3%)

Is Jason Giambi still on the disabled list, or did they go ahead and move him to the cryogenic chamber until he's needed for another walk-off home run?

Miami Marlins (0%)

I'm going to open a Marlins-themed breakfast cafe. You know you would order a McGehee Skillet with Ozuna sauce, eggs Hechavarria, and a triple-shot Saltalamacchia.

Tampa Bay Rays (6%)

Matt Moore becomes the twelfth pitcher this year to require Tommy John surgery. I hope the doctors are warning these pitchers of possible side effects. Shin-Soo Choo had the surgery and hasn't thrown a pitch since.

Los Angeles Dodgers (13%)

Going into Tuesday, they're 8-4 since Kershaw hit the disabled list. Really makes you wonder why they're even paying him at all.

Texas Rangers (5%)

Prince Fielder hit his first home run of the season, a solo shot that went 416 feet. Let the flood of "SHOULD OF KEPT!" tweets/texts/posts commence.

Milwaukee Brewers (1%)

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy tried to steal. On Yadier Molina. Looks like somebody was playing "Truth or Dare" before the game!

Washington Nationals (9%)

Gave up ten runs in five innings, and let the Marlins snap their eight-game losing streak. That's actually worth three losses in the loss column, Washington. Now go wax the Home Run Dolphin.

Chicago White Sox (0%)

Stayed tied 1-1 with the Red Sox until the ninth inning, when Jackie Robinson made an error throwing to Jackie Robinson, allowing Jackie Robinson to score the winning run.

Chicago Cubs (0%)

They were one of eight teams whose game was postponed due to weather. In other news, apparently the Cubs are still an active part of MLB in 2014.