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GIF: Ian Kinsler scores on the weirdest play ever

If someone could tell me how to describe this, that would be great.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Kinsler displayed some heads-up baserunning today when he scored on a play that featured not one, not two, but three errors from the Angels' defense. Catcher Hank Conger threw the ball into center field when trying to catch Kinsler stealing despite the fact that Kinsler was already safe when Miguel Cabrera walked, so Kinsler ran to third while Mike Trout picked up the ball, then Trout lobbed the ball back in to the infield and Kinsler decided to run home, but Santiago's throw home was wild -- big surprise there, huh? -- which allowed Cabrera to get to second base.

Got all that? If not, just watch the GIF.


It feels good to be on the other side of this play. Welcome to 2014, Tigers fans.