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BYB welcomes Sean Heyboer!

The Heyboers are taking over BYB!

Under the theory that if one Heyboer is good -- make that great, Melissa! -- two Heyboers will be even better, I'd like to introduce you to the newest writer at Bless You Boys: Sean Heyboer. Sean is Melissa's brother, and longtime Tigers blog readers may recognize the name. That's because Sean wrote about the Tigers for Most Valuable Network's "Trumbull and Michigan" site several years ago. He's been a steady reader of BYB and other blogs for years. Now after a few years of "retirement," he's decided to get back in the game, and we're very pleased to have him.

Sean, like Melissa, lives in Florida, their Tigers fandom being taught by their father, who moved down from West Michigan when he realized it's waaaay nicer in Florida. (Confirmed.) I did not ask his opinion on the Lions, but for his sake I hope that's where similarities with Melissa begin to diverge.

Sean says he's "very opinionated" and "sometimes my opinion is less than popular. Example, I despise interleague play, WAR and instant replay." This is going to be a tough week for him.

Sean will be writing some opinion pieces, a little history, and he may even talk Melissa into a little sibling rivalry fun. We look forward to it!

Welcome on board, Sean!