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Joe Nathan admits he is dealing with a 'dead arm'

Tigers' closer Joe Nathan says he's pitching through what he termed a dead arm, adding another layer to the team's recent bullpen troubles.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

During an interview with Adam Schein of Sirius/XM's Mad Dog Sports radio, Detroit Tigers closer Joe Nathan admitted he's trying to work his way through a "dead arm."

In the interview, Nathan says he usually deals with a  'dead arm' in the middle-later part of spring training, but is able to pitch his way out of it. This year, it's gone more into the regular season. Nathan insists he's not alarmed, and will do what he does every spring -  work through it by continuing to throw.

Looking like the shutdown closer he's been for the majority of his career while tossing a scoreless inning on Opening Day, the 39-year-old Nathan has struggled since. In his last two outings, Nathan has blown one save, allowing two runs on three hits and two walks in just 1 2/3 innings, his ERA rising to an uncharacteristic 6.75.

Nathan also gives his thoughts on the Tigers' injuries, the Miguel Cabrera extension and Max Scherzer turning down a deal. The full interview is embedded below.