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Torii Hunter receives pat from ump, laughs it off later

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Torii Hunter says it's no big deal and disagreed with people who think he was upset with the ump afterward.

Torii Hunter was hit by a pitch from Bud Norris immediately after Ian Kinsler hit a home run. It hit his ribs at 94 mph. He reacted in a much better way than most of us would have, which is to say, he was not lying on the ground near the batters box howling in pain. Instead he was yelling at Bud Norris.

Norris was ejected. The teams took the dance floor but no waltz ever ensued among the wallflowers. Torii, however, was still mad and had to get a few more words in. Umpire Paul Nauert tapped Torii on the face. He did not seem to like that much either.

After the game, Torii told a different tale.

The MLB, however ...