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Tigers links: Austin Jackson is weird

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Austin Jackson freaks us out, the MLB won't punish the ump who patted Torii Hunter's face and Yu Darvish's no hitter in the ninth inning was no no-hitter at all.

Tigers links

Miguel Cabrera freaks Austin Jackson out :
What the hell was that look Austin Jackson was giving Miguel Cabrera on Tuesday?

Detroit Tigers poke fun at Austin Jackson's facial expression after HR: Freep
Torii Hunter: “There’s something wrong with him."

Tigers’ Austin Jackson headed for a power surge: Washington Post

One out of every ten flyballs hit in the league become a homer, but Jackson is seeing less than half that rate. Add in his excellent contact rate in the zone (92.2 percent) and who knows, he could see teammates admiring his home-run power in the near future.

MLB won't discipline umpire Paul Nauert for touching Tiger Torii Hunter's face: Detroit News
That should make Torii happy anyway

Victor Martinez talks about home runs

AL Central links

Jeff Keppinger activated from the DL; designated for assignment: South Side Sox
Don't worry he's still owed about $7 million or so. And just to be sure he got the point, the Sox ...

Perfect Storm Decimates Twins Outfield: Twinkie Town

I think the real key is for either Aaron Hicks to figure things out, or for Sam Fuld to return from his concussion. The Twins have plenty of corner outfielders already, it's just center field that has been the biggest issue.

Royals need to demote Mike Moustakas, for both their sakes:
Moose is batting .147/.215/.321, and that's not going to cut it.

If Moustakas is demoted, will Kansas City acquire another 3B?: Royals Review
But if Moose is sent down, then what?

Justin Masterson's velocity is way down in 2014: Let's Go Tribe
Masterson is struggling and Let's Go Tribe has a theory.

MLB links

Notes on D: Giants benefit from shifts: ESPN's SweetSpot
Everyone seems to be shifting, but does it work? For the Giants and Brewers, it sure seems to.

Has Mike Trout, the best player in baseball, become mortal? : Fox Sports
From MVP caliber to ... just really damn good at baseball still. Yeah let's tone down the worry, folks.

David Ortiz wins appeal, credited with second hit vs. Yu Darvish: Over the Monster
By practice that should have been a hit the whole time. By the rule book an error. They really have to align the two better.

Tanaka remains perfect as Yanks blank Mets:
Tanaka will never lose. Ever. He's 6-0 now.

Minus Perez and Harrison, Rangers doomed - ESPN's SweetSpot
It's too early to say the season's over for Texas ... but this sure doesn't look good.

A premature review of the new Braves ballpark:
The Waffle House block is photoshopped but it would be pretty cool if it wasn't

Tigers social

Hint: V-mart stole a base