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Dickerson, Price discuss Verlander's purpose pitch

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Dan and Jim talk about Verlander's near-miss of Nelson Cruz during Wednesday's game in this audio clip.

Greg Fiume

As predicted, after Bud Norris drilled Torii Hunter in the ribs following an Ian Kinsler home run in Monday's game, there was a pitch thrown by a Tigers pitcher that "slipped." The accidental slippage took place during Wednesday's game, with Justin Verlander on the mound and Nelson Cruz at the plate.

With the Tigers leading 5-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning, on a 1-0 pitch to Nelson Cruz, Verlander threw a pitch that went behind Cruz. Dan Dickerson and Jim Price take it from there, and Jim suggests that perhaps the Tigers were hoping Verlander would have been just a bit more "accurate" in his location.

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