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Dave Dombrowski talks Max Scherzer, Robbie Ray, trades, bullpen and more

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Dave Dombrowski was a guest on ESPN's Buster Olney's podcast, discussing the Tigers, Scherzer talks, Robbie Ray, and the bullpen, among other things.

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Tigers President and General Manager, Dave Dombrowski was a featured guest on ESPN Buster Olney's podcast, where he talked about the Tigers, the state of the bullpen, failed contract negotiations with Max Scherzer, and a few other items.  Here is the audio link.  It runs just under an hour.

Olney also played an interview of Max Scherzer, who talked about how he can dial it up a notch when he gets into a jam.

Dombrowski talked about his favorite player when he was a child- Mickey Mantle.  He told Olney that he felt it was "a little early for clubs to be making trades at this time."

Speaking of trades, the Tiger boss discussed the Doug Fister trade that brought Robbie Ray to the Tigers, stating that the Tigers see Ray as "at least a number three starter", although not necessarily just yet.  He said that the club did not expect Ray to be ready for major league action this season, but he had earned the spot start with Anibal Sanchez on the disabled list.  Dombrowski volunteered that the Tigers apparently valued Ray much more than many others did.

On the subject of the Tiger bullpen, Dombrowski indicated that he was pleased that the team seems to be settling down in the late innings, specifically referring to Joba Chamberlain and Ian Krol, adding that Al Alburquerque needs to be more consistent.

With respect to the failed attempt to extend Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer, Dombrowski talked briefly about his comments after talks had broken off and said that they just had to move on and focus on this season.

Olney then goes into further discussions about Scherzer and his big gamble on himself, turning down $ 144 million to pursue free agency.  He talks about the free agent market for starting pitchers after the season, which includes the Red Sox's Jon Lester and the Royals' James Shields.

Without mentioning the Tigers, the discussion turns to Steven Drew, and he finishes with a rundown on some of the top prospect in the upcoming amateur player draft.