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Joel Hanrahan signs with Tigers

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The free-agent reliever has made his choice

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Hanrahan will sign with the Detroit Tigers, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports this morning. The Tigers have set a noon teleconference, presumably to announce the deal. Hanrahan commented via Twitter:

This should help the Tigers plug what has been their biggest weakness so far in 2014: the bullpen.

Hanrahan had Tommy John Surgery in 2013 after just nine games. The 32-year-old has a 3.85 ERA in 362 appearances. He made the All-Star team as a member of the Pirates in 2011-12, years he compiled 76 total saves.

A few days ago Sean Heyboer wrote here:

During the session two weeks ago, Hanrahan was reported to have thrown the ball in the 87 to 93 mph range. It was also reported that he was in very good shape.

Although he has been a closer -- and a pretty damn good one -- in recent years, Hanrahan would most likely occupy the set-up role were he to land in Detroit.

With Joe Nathan already closer in Detroit, Hanrahan will likely slot into the seventh and eighth innings alongside Joba Chamberlain.