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"Motor City Wheels" mascot races to take place during Tigers games

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The Detroit Tigers are the latest team to join in mascot race festivities during ballgames and will be automotive themed, because, of course.

Christian Petersen

DETROIT--The Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers (MDCD), in partnership with the Detroit Tigers will launch the people-powered Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels mascot races. The mascot races will take place at home games during the third inning break. The first race will take place on Thursday, May 22 (contingent upon weather) when the Tigers take on the Texas Rangers at 1:08 p.m.

Already a beloved tradition in many major league ballparks, mascot races are becoming a staple of baseball games nationwide. For example, the Washington Nationals host a mascot race featuring famous 'Presidents,' while the Milwaukee Brewers' mascot race features famous 'Sausages,' a nod to the history of each teams city. The Motor City Wheels mascot race will reflect the rich automotive history of Detroit, with the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers' mascots, each with its own personality, named after three classic Chevrolet vehicles: "Bella Air" (1957 Bel Air), "Corey Vette" (1958 Corvette) and "Petey Pickup" (1954 Chevy pickup truck).

"Detroit is a city that lives, breathes and dreams automotive and we have a tremendous amount of pride in that," said Paul Stanford, president of Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Local Marketing Association. "With the Motor City Wheels mascot races, we are giving fans a chance to get re-introduced to three classic cars that embrace our history and celebrate our heritage as the Motor City."

The Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers' Motor City Wheels mascot races reflect yet another successful partnership between the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers and the Detroit Tigers, following the popular "Pose with PAWS" photo contest during the 2013 baseball season.

"Working with the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers presents an opportunity to combine two events the city of Detroit loves most: Tigers baseball and vehicles made in the Motor City," says Steve Harms, Detroit Tigers vice president of corporate sponsorships. "I know our fans will enjoy the energy and excitement of the new Motor City Wheels races and the unique redesign of three classic Chevys into entertaining mascots."

For more information on the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Motor City Wheels mascots, please visit Facebook: Twitter: or @motorcitywheels