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Police ask for warrant in Evan Reed alleged sexual assault case

No decision by the prosecutor's office is expected this week.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Wayne County prosecutors have received a warrant request for 28-year-old Detroit Tigers pitcher Evan Reed in connection to an alleged sexual assault  that took place on March 30 at Motor City Casino Hotel. 

“A thorough review of all of the evidence must be conducted before a decision can be made,” the prosecutor's office said in a statement. “A charging decision is not expected this week. No further information about the case will be released until a charging decision is made.” (Via Tom Leyden)

The prosecutor's office has not released Reed's name because no charges have been filed.

Neither Reed nor the Tigers commented today. 

Reed voluntarily submitted to be questioned by Detroit police in April. At the time, his attorney released the following statement:  "Evan Reed and his attorneys, Davis Gorcyca and Ben Gonyek,  have been fully cooperating with the Detroit Police Department since the inception of the investigation. Even though Evan was under no legal obligation to make a statement, Evan voluntarily appeared at the Detroit Police Department and told investigators what exactly transpired on March 29th and 30th."

The Tigers statement from early April: "The organization is aware of the very serious allegation that has been made against pitcher Evan Reed. This allegation is concerning and we are aware of an on-going investigation. It would be inappropriate for the ballclub to comment further at this time."


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