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Prince Fielder 'don't give a sh-- about Tigers series

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With a sore neck and a sore attitude, Prince Fielder will not join the Rangers at Comerica Park on Thursday. That's probably for the best.

Scott Halleran

Add another to the list of things Prince Fielder doesn't give a shit about.

First it was losing the ALCS to Boston. Now it's returning to Comerica Park.

"I don’t give a [expletive] about the Detroit series," he told reporters, including the Dallas Morning News.

Of course, that's because he's more worried about just getting back on the field at this point. He won't be in Detroit for the start of the series -- instead he'll be visiting with spine specialist Dr. Drew Dossett after experiencing pain in his neck and shoulders.  He may join Texas at Comerica Park by the end of the weekend, should the injury not force him to the disabled list first.

If Fielder does end up in Detroit, he'll probably be booed. The once Prince of Detroit has not done much to make himself a sympathetic character in the past few months.

Fielder's time in Detroit was disappointing, his numbers notably off from those he put up in Milwaukee, but it would be wrong to call it bad. In two seasons he hit .295 and 55 home runs, and drove in 214 RBI. Maybe that's not what fans were looking for out of a player signed to a $200 million contract, but they weren't bad numbers. Where it went wrong was the postseason. In 2012 he hit .173 and went 1-for-15 in the World Series. In 2013 he batted .225 and failed to drive in a single run. Fans booed.

"It's over, bro," Fielder told a reporter after the ALCS loss. Asked whether he thought fans wanted to hear that, Fielder added, "They don't play."

He was traded to Texas with cash for Ian Kinsler in November. The Tigers won the trade. We don't even need to wait for the contracts to run out before we can make that declaration.

Following the trade -- with rumors he wanted to get out of Detroit hard to avoid -- he spoke about being happy for a fresh start. "I thought it would be best for both teams and for me."

That didn't exactly sit well with fans either.

But let's be honest here, this was like a relationship gone sour with each side looking for things to take out of context and use as ammo. Nothing Fielder said was particularly wrong, but it was obviously aloof and presented in a way that made taking it out of context easy. He was never the best communicator, not in good times or bad, and he was probably hurt to return to Detroit only to be booed when an above-average season wasn't enough. Feelings were hurt on both sides. A breakup was only natural.

It's probably for the best, then, if Fielder doesn't end up in Detroit this weekend. Nerves are still frayed. Maybe some day we'll remember the fun times, and there were many fun times, but that moment has apparently not arrived yet.

Hopefully with time it does.